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Exposure to transport noise in London

Among the wealth of information in the the GLA’s new State of the Environment Report are two tables (p. 57) showing estimates of the number of dwellings and people in London exposed to noise from roads or railways above particular noise thresholds. We used this data to produce the chart below.


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Cycle thefts by borough, 2010/11

Transport for London recently announced a fall in the number of reported bicycle thefts in London. Ross Lydall of the Evening Standard has the full story, and kindly uploaded TfL’s data on the number of thefts in each borough by month between June 2010 and May 2011. We have sorted the data into a more user-friendly format and summed the monthly data into four seasons. You can download the data here or have a look at the below chart we did in Tableau (you’ll have to click on it to get to a reasonable size).

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Trends in motor vehicle traffic in London

The Department for Transport published new estimates of motor vehicle traffic yesterday, covering the years up to 2010 and quarters up to Q1 2011. There are a range of accompanying data tables but we have picked out a few trends specific to London. All the charts below show indexed annual trends, with 1993 set to 100.

Traffic in London and England
Overall motor vehicle has fallen for three years in a row in both London and England as a whole, but in London this was preceded by a nine-year stretch of basically flat traffic levels, while traffic continued to grow quite strongly in England as a whole.

Traffic in Inner and Outer London
Within London there has been a clear divergence in the traffic trend between Inner and Outer London. Between 1999 and 2007 traffic grew slightly in Outer London and fell slightly in Inner London, while since 2007 traffic has fallen in both areas, but faster in the inner city.

Car vs non-car motor vehicle traffic in London
Car traffic in London as a whole has been falling since 2002, while non-car motorised traffic continued growing strongly until 2007, from which point it has dropped sharply in the last three years.

You can download the data for the charts in CSV format here.

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