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Cyclist casualties in the City of London

We previously posted about the London-wide trend in cyclist casualties by severity. In this post we look at the trend in the City of London, the ‘Square Mile’ that constitutes London’s financial centre and most built-up area. The first chart below (get the data in csv format here) shows total cyclist casualties in the City split into those who were killed or seriously injured and those who were slightly injured, while the second chart shows just the killed or seriously injured. Note that we only have a total casualties figure for 2010, so the second chart only goes up to 2009.

There has clearly been a large increase in cycling casualties in the City over the last couple of decades, in contrast to the London-wide trend which is broadly steady over the same period. There are certainly more cyclists entering the City in recent years, but as this analysis suggests there is little evidence that the rate of casualties per trip is falling.

Finally (and this goes for any discussion of transport casualties on this blog), the recent death of a cyclist in Clapham reminds us that although we generally try to keep the tone fairly dry and dispassionate here, nobody should forget that every death on the roads is a tragedy and any collision can be highly traumatic, and not just for the victim.


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