London Transport Data


Data about transport in London!

What’s this site for?

We set up this site because we wanted a single place where people could find data relevant to transport in London. There are a lot of reports and statistics published by Transport for London, the Department for Transport and others, but scattered between different sources. Even more has been published through Freedom of Information requests or produced by citizens or community groups, but has never been brought together into a single, searchable resource.

This site is intended to create such a resource by bringing together the most relevant data to enable the wider community to understand the state of London’s transport. Initially we will probably focus on cycling and pedestrian data, but we intend to widen the scope over time.

We want this site to be a resource for the wider community interested in London’s transport, and we also want your help. If you have any ideas for data to include, whether it is official statistics or the results of a FOI request, please let us know by leaving a comment.


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